Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Altar Servers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
A Minister of Holy Communion is one who distributes the Eucharist either within or outside the celebration of the Mass. Ordinarily, the minister is the priest; however, when there are large numbers of people receiving Communion, various lay ministers assist. Training sessions are held for new ministers. If you wish to become a Minister of Holy Communion, please speak with the Pastor or call the parish office. Some of our ministers bring Communion to our shut-ins. This is a very special ministry and very much appreciated by those who are visited.

Lector's proclaim Old and New Testament passages from the Bible during Mass. If you have good speaking skills and would like to become a lec-tor, please contact the parish office.

Altar Servers:
Altar servers play an essential role in enhancing the dignity and grace of liturgy. They lead the entrance, offertory, and recessional processions with cross and candles, and assist Father during Mass. Servers may begin after they have made their First Communion, and continue through high school. For more information, contact the parish office. We are always in need of altar servers. There is an instructional class given to new servers.

St. Bridget Eucharistic Ministers

  John Anderson

  Kathy Budd

  Mary Cassarino

  David Doenges

  Kathy Corbo

  Agnes Coughlin

  Jack Coughlin

  Diana Fellows

  Lee Forte

  Bill Harvey

  Paul Mayer

  Janet McPhee

  Mary Jean Rajda

  Jan Rousseau

  Marguerite Sadowski

  Mary Werbinski

  Yvonne Crossman

  Theresa Bartlett
  Yvonne Crossman      

St. Stanislaus Kostka Eucharistic Ministers

  Paul Kulig

  Judy Bender

  Barbara Trepanier

  Mary Nemeth


St. Bridget Lectors

  Mary Cassarino

  Kathy Corbo

  Sue Densmore

  Marie Dubray

  Michael Flanagan

  Lee Forte

  Deborah Doenges

  Bill Harvey

  Bob Jablonski

  Walt Werbinski

  Chris Whooley


St. Stanislaus Kostka Lectors

  Loretta Godzik

  Paul Kulig

  Richard Bryfogle

  Mary Nemeth

  Barbara Trepanier


St. Bridget Fundraising Committee

  Peg Harvey

  Jody Poljacik

  Margaret Slack

  Marcia Pierce

  Lisa Harvey

  Janet McPhee

  Marguerite Sadowski

  Mary Oczechowski

  Lee Forte

  Sarah Pulsipher    

St. Stanislaus Kostka Fundraising committee

  Mary Reczek

  Mary Nemeth

  Cecilia Scott

  Theresa Guillory

  Peg Jagodzinski

  Barbara Trepanier

  Frances Poczobut

  Marie Hyjek

  Robert Hyjek

  Jean Heleba

  Ken Heleba

  Vicki Bania

  Tom Bania

  Tom Jakubowski

  Nancy Jakubowski

  Joan Burgess

  Harold Burgess

  John Jankowski

  Theresa Jankowski

  Margie Salengo

  Leona Razanouski




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