Religious Education

Religious Education Classes will begin on September 10th in West Rutland and Proctor  Catholic Parishes.

Religious Education Classes grades 1-10 meet at St. Stanislaus Kostka Hall Sunday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 am (West Rutland), and 9.45AM to 10.45AM (Proctor). All our Religious Education instructors have met the necessary safety requirements and have been Safe & Sacred certified. Enrollment has been ongoing since August 3rd.If you have not enrolled your child in the religious education classes, please fill out the Religious Education Registration form and contact our parish office ASAP.

Note Again: Fill the Registration form according to your school of choice (Proctor or West Rutland)

Proctor Curriculum: Finding God Series (New Program)

West Rutland CCD Curriculum: Christ Our Life (Existing Curriculum)


Miss a class?  (Grades 1-8)

Please have your child do a review of the chapter they missed. The catechist for your child's grade can instruct you on which chapter was completed and should be reviewed.   

Find this information here, choose your child's grade and chapter. Have your child do the review and take the chapter quiz.  After it is complete it will prompt you to email the results.  It can be emailed to  

Locate Our 2017 - 2018 Whole Family Catechesis Plan For Grades 1 - 6: Contact Julie McNulty at 802-438-2490 for more information

West Rutland / Proctor Parishes Catholic Faith Formation Team

Administrator - Rev. Romanus Igweonu

Parish Office -  Nicola Farrow & Irene Pearson

CRE               Jan Rousseau  (West Rutland)

CRE                Julie McNulty        (Proctor)

West Rutland Teachers

Confirmation Class TBA

Middle Schoolers Daylene Horton

Grades 4,5,6 Jan Rousseau

PreK-3 Sandy  Kuc

Proctor Teachers

Confirmation Class TBA

Middle Schoolers July McNulty

Grades 4,5,6 TBA

First communion Class TBA

PreK - 3  TBA

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